Manage the entire student's life cycle in one easy to use platform for high efficiency, effectiveness, and transparency throughout the entire process. Leverage the built-in CRM, engage with prospects and students along the way to ensure high conversion, retention, quality of instruction, and increased placement rates.

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Optimize your marketing strategy to recruit prospective students. Engage in communication via multiple contact paths, schedule and conduct face to face interviews to answer questions and guide the new student through the enrollment process.

Inquiry Management

Capture prospects in real-time from various sources. Nurture over time with marketing automation workflows to make contact, screen, measure interest, and convert.

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Verity Dialog

Engage with prospects via voice, SMS, MMS, email, chat, and video to reach them where they are. Build campaigns and leverage workflows for most optimal results.

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Paperless Admissions

Build electronic forms, configure enrollment workflows for applicants, approve and reject applications, e-sign documents, take online payments, and manage documents.

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Track multiple enrollments for students while they attend at the institution to record schedules, transcript records, ledger card transactions, and placement records. Report to accrediting institutions at the enrollment level for each student.

Granular field level restrictions, validation, and flags will ensure the student enrollment records reflect prior and current statuses accurately for compliance reporting and financial aid.

Workflow Automation

Enrollment workflows are built-in as paths programmed with relevant events, communication, and record change automation to facilitate efficiency and effectiveness along the student's lifecyle. Applicant, registrar and finance event paths ensure the student is ready to start class on time. Further, status specific paths handle event automation while the student is in active, withdrawn, cancel, or graduate status for incredible transparency and accuracy in daily operations.

Process Queues

Process checklists are created to ensure appropriate action is taken at every milestone. Never miss a step during the application, enrollment, and scheduling stage. Always handle with accuracy the requirements dictated by important status changes to remain compliant througout.


Make the system work for you by automating required actions to be executed by admissions, registrars, student accounts, financial aid, and career advisors. Process descriptive tasks ensure process checklists are handled effectively by the appropriate staff at the right time.


Built-in CRM features can easily facilitate internal communication to staff and students via multiple channels. Each workflow can be configured with the appropriate communication path and template for a streamlined and timely outreach, as dictated by your process.

Class Scheduling

Manage school staff, faculty, classroom facilities, and academic calendars to complete class scheduling for attending students. Create inventories of class sessions and program courses to easily facilitate course offerings over modules or terms.

Built-in pre-requisite and equivalency checkers ensure scheduling accuracy, while the internal transfer utility assists with compliant course transition between enrollments.

Classroom Activity Tracking

Your student information system has one clear mission: deliver quality instruction with best student experience and academic results. Verity Student facilitates easy to use technology you may leverage to provide the best experience for the student who is attending at the school.

Engage in Classrooms or Remote

Verity Video brings faculty and students together for class discussions and presentations. Everyone can share screens, exchange messages, and engage with professors and classmates for an interactive class session experience.

Track Classwork and Grades

Gradebooks are configured with course specific items for faculty to track in real-time class participation and assignment scores, while the class is in session. Final grades and GPA are permanently stored on record to reflect student's satisfactory progress at a glance.

Track Attendance

Daily attendance is tracked in detail in course gradebooks and measured in real-time to ensure early detection of absenteism and quick action to target retention efforts. Real-time attendance tracking further automates the calculation of pay period evaluation point for timely financial aid processing.

Faculty and Student Portals

On their Verity portal, faculty can easily manage their classes and communicate with students. The portal facilitates gradebook management for individual or roster real-time attendance and grade posting, while a class is in session. Leveraging powerful CRM features, faculty can further initiate communication with students via voice, text, email, chat, video, and web messaging.

Students begin interacting with their portal as applicants by completing the enrollment process. Further, students can access their schedules, gradebooks, and transcripts. At a glance, students may see their account balance and make online payments for tuition and fees, as well as sign, view, and download documents.


Process workflows are configured to enforce accuracy in record handling, tracking, and keeping. Applicant document workflows, registrar and finance process queue, real-time attendance and GPA tracking, and streamlined communication are built-in features meant to ultimately help your institution remain compliant throughout.

Streamlined Enrollment

Enrollment queues with process checklists and task automation are specifically designed with compliance in mind. Each new enrollment is created and maintained with built-in validation to minimize clerical errors and facilitate transparency for timely monitoring of the student's performance while attending at the institution.

Attendance and GPA

Gradebooks facilitate attendance and classwork score data entry for real-time assessment of student's participation in class to assist in achieving high retention rates. As faculty provides this information on their portal, the system is capable of projecting GPA and SAP, and therefore could signal the need for early intervention, where needed.

Student Satisfactory Progress

Real-time SAP flags and alerts help the institution react in a timely manner to assist the student along the way. Probation statuses are managed accordingly at the enrollment level to further issue accurate flags and indicators at the student's screen or in reports built specifically to measure student satisfactory academic progress.

Student Accounts

Track fees and payments and monitor ledger card balance from admission to graduation. Visualize student accounts transactions in scorecards, dashboards, and reports. Initiate campaigns for students to remind them of past due payments.

Manual and batch posting of fees, payment deposits, and awards with added academic year and payment period tracking ensure ease of maintenance as well as accuracy for AR reconciliation and regulatory reporting.

Financial Aid

Verity Student is integrated for transmitting student academic records and receiving financial aid data directly from third-party servicers. Either on demand or automated, Verity can send the necessary student personal, demographic, and academic records to integrated systems or facilitate direct download of information, as needed. From integrated systems, Verity could receive and automatically process award and disbursement files to update student ledgers or awards.

Additionally, at any time, manual and batch Title IV or non-Title IV awards and disbursement can be easily managed by staff for self-service record keeping.

Track Student Placement

Stay compliant with Verity Higher-Ed CRM. Manage employer records, track placement and verification status, prior work history, as well as employer-related activities.

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Manage Employers

Keep in touch with employers who hire your graduates. Initiate email campaigns to notify of campus events and job fairs or introduce them to upcoming graduates with matching skills for open jobs.

Manage Placement Activities

Match graduates or graduating students with employers by sharing resumes and video career profiles. Record interviews, placement statuses, placement verification details, work history, and outcomes.

Audit Placement Rates

View placement rates by expected grad date, campus location, and other segments. Drill down into your data for in-depth insights for real-time decision making. Easily extract data for reporting to accrediting agencies.

Document Management

Verity offers the ability to create and manage inventories of electronic forms, manage checklists for program required documents, as well as configure document workflows to capture e-signatures from multiple parties. Completed documents are stored securely and easily accessed by staff and students.

Document Inventory

Electronic forms can be created with an easy to use drag-and-drop form builder. A complete inventory of document types is further extended to create program of enrollment checklists to ensure all needed documents are collected for the student across the entire lifecycle.

Document Workflows

Beginning with the applicant process, Verity facilitates configuration for enrollment workflows to allow new students to complete and e-sign their enrollment agreement. Further, workflows are configured for one-sends to trigger document review, signature, and secure delivery.

Document Hubs

Upon completion or upload, Verity stores documents securely for easy retrieval by staff and students. At the database and student level, stored documents can be searched, viewed, and downloaded at any time, as dictated by roles and permissions.

Reporting and Analytics

Dashboards, scorecards, and detailed reports are present at various screens for at-a-glace insight or in-depth data analysis. Drill-through capability and built-in grouping, sorting, and filtering allow for thorough analysis of the data from multiple points of view. With native export capabilities, take the data with you for record keeping or sharing.


Reports are built to easily identify active students who are not scheduled or scheduled part-time. Additionally, the faculty to student class ratio report gives a quick insight into faculty and classroom assignment, as well as class rosters.


Attendance, GPA, and SAP real-time and historical reporting is key to remaining compliant and achieving high retention rates. Furthermore, real-time visibility into projected grades and GPA offer facilitates timely intervention and mediation.


AR summary and detail reporting allows for easy tracking of charges, payments, and projections at the student or cohort levels. The 90-10 configuration and reporting tools allow the institution to remain compliant with rules and regulations.


Verity assists with obtaining reports required by accrediting bodies or as dictated by federal agencies. IPEDS, 90-10, and placement reporting tools are significant utilities built in Verity to allow institutions to easily self-audit and report.

See You at Graduation!

From inquiry to graduation and beyond, Verity Student ensures process alignment for effective and compliant student record tracking. Verity provides workflow automation and accurate reporting to assist with retention efforts from the day the student attends their first class at the school and until their first exciting day at work in their field of study.