Unified Campus Communication

Engage prospective, current, and former students on a CRM platform built exclusively for Higher Education. Leverage the power of workflow automation for efficient, effective, and consistent communication throughout your students' journey to a successful career.

Main Features

Call Recordings & Voicemail

Get instant access to call recordings and voicemail for audits and training.

Call Activity Detail Tracking

Retrieve real-time information about calls, such as duration and disposition.

Call Conferencing

Add multiple parties to the conversation and manage the participants.

Call Transfers

Transfer live calls to anyone and obtain the end-to-end call details and recording.

Call Inbound Queues

Direct inbound callers to call queues with wait greetings and then dispatch the call.

Instant Text Messaging

Text back and forth for real-time conversations with prospective and current students.

Instant Chat

Receive requests from landing pages and chat live with prospects and students. Read missed chats and create new contacts.

Video Conferencing

Engage in small or large video rooms with students, staff, and guests and track video and screenshare participation.

Phone, Text & Email Campaigns

Initiate on-demand, scheduled, batch, and drip campaigns via multiple channels with prospects, students, or employers.

Communication Templates

Use personalized email and SMS/MMS templates to target audiences and promote brand awareness.

Performance Analytics

Track and measure staff performance metrics through multiple views, historically and in real-time.

Multi-channel Communication

Verity Dialog delivers the industry’s easiest way to communicate with prospective, existing, and former students. The powerful built-in contact center facilitates effective communication via multiple contact paths, which allows university departments to focus on high-value conversations that lead to higher retention, greater conversions, and more effective job placement.

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Dynamic Communication Templates

Use branded email templates to target audiences and promote brand awareness.

Personalize emails, text, and media enriched communication with simple drag and drop features. Verity Dialog enables easy to use pre-built templates which allow for one-off sends, drip, or bulk campaigns.

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Email Template Gallery

Design media-enriched email templates for effective and compliant outreach with prospects and students.

Note Templates

Share notes in one place to increase transparency and efficiency for all internal communication.

SMS & MMS Templates

Create compliant SMS and MMS templates to engage students for instant delivery and quick response.

Chat Templates

Build school-branded chat templates to communicate with students across your landing pages.

Multi-channel Campaigns

Provide seamless and compliant communication with students, whether initiated on-demand, scheduled, or through automated drip campaigns. Engage with candidates when they’re most likely to respond.

1. Admissions

Accelerate your admissions pipeline with a simplified communications approach. Offer prospective students superior engagement with your brand and admissions from start to finish.

1. Admissions

Accelerate your admissions pipeline with a simplified communications approach. Offer prospective students superior engagement with your brand and admissions from start to finish.

2. Student Services

Create multi-channel campaigns for student notifications, announcements, student ambassador functions, job notifications, and upcoming campus events. Chat with students in real-time to answer questions.

3. Student Accounts

Initiate on-demand, drip, and individual communication for payment reminders, past-due notifications, cross-over information, and bookstore related items.

4. Career Services

Guide students through the job placement journey by initiating useful dialogue for targeting employers at career fairs, classroom workshops, and for tips on one-on-one job interviews.

Marketing Automation

Easy as 1... 2... 3..., right from your Verity! Build lists, segment the audience, trigger chained emails, text messages, and phone tasks to nurture prospects and students over time. Wait for interactions to follow-up with the appropriate message or tag the recipient for future engagement.

Verity Video

Communicate with ease and measure instantly the outcome of the conversation with a fully integrated video channel. Invite and manage participants, share screens, chat, and record video conversations and detailed participant logs. Track video call activities in dashboards and reports to evaluate performance.

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Contact Strategy

At the heart of Verity Dialog lives a powerful contact center with fully configurable and effective task management. Select the most suitable contact strategy to organize and present tasks, and then decide on the right follow-up automation rules to predict outcomes. Trigger events at the right time to re-engage constituents, as their interest changes over time.

Plan the tasks

Simplify task management, ensuring staff addresses priorities at the right time to meet contact goals and enrollment deadlines.

Get work done

Ensure process alignment by getting the work done the same way every time. Easily track new tasks, tasks in progress, pending follow-ups, and completed items.

Follow-up as needed

Rely on sequenced follow-up automation to get work done without delay. Quickly receive and handle scheduled callbacks, speed to contact attempts, and nurturing tasks.

Engagement Analytics

Initiate, track, and analyze engagement outcomes in one platform. Gain instant visibility into response rates and target audiences accordingly for the best results.


Identify the targeted audience, select the preferred contact path, the right template, the designated team, and then initiate individual and bulk communication with just one click.


Track engagement related activities and monitor performance in real-time for outbound and inbound call activity, text conversations, multi-channel bulk campaigns, and conversions.


Analyze real-time or historical data through high-level dashboards or by drilling down to one metric. Data can be easily filtered and segmented for different vantage points.