About Us

We are a team of talented professionals who share a passion for providing technology solutions to educational institutions.

Developed by higher education professionals in partnership with institutions, Verity addresses the challenges of the Edu-scape ~ such as declining enrollments, rising costs from marketing, and operational redundancies when managing student records.

Our mission is to streamline the management and communication efforts across the entire student's lifecycle for better prospect and student retention, conversion, records management, compliance, and job placement.

Our Story

How it all started...

We have witnessed the inefficiencies caused by school departments operating in silos. We grew weary of the manual approach to communication and records management, as well as cumbersome excel spreadsheets used to manage student and staff performance data.

We realized we have the talent and knowledge to help! Our team has over 50 years of combined experience in higher education admissions, marketing, recruitment, records management, and education technology. We partner with the best out there to distinguish ourselves from legacy and embrace the modern.

Verity brings campus operations back to one system, delivering one version of the truth for all your data. Data is collected, analyzed, and acted upon within Verity, eliminating manual effort to aggregate information from various systems, reducing staff-hour costs, and increasing the accuracy of the reported results.

Simply put, Verity collects, reports, and acts on your data in real-time for transparency you can trust.

Verity Dialog and Verity Student solutions are affordable and flexible to meet the needs of traditional and non-traditional institutions, OPMS, foundations, including career colleges and the call centers that serve them. The result is a more significant ROI on lead spend, higher conversions, greater student engagement and records management, and, ultimately, higher retention.