Lead Capture & Import

Capture leads in real-time or import from various sources.

Multi-Channel Contact Solution

Communicate with constituents via voice, text, or email.

Process Optimization & Alignment

Bring consistency in daily operations to ensure effective outcomes.

Sales Automation

Enable workflows to react appropriately to events in the lead’s lifecycle.

Branding & Identity

Structure and brand communication for targeted audience.

Real-time & Historical Analytics

Track, measure, and analyze activity and performance.

Efficiency you can actually see

From the moment the lead gets in the system and all the way to the consultation for enrollment, Verity enables your institution to remain efficient and effective throughout the entire process.

Speed-to-Lead - Seize the opportunity

Prospective students seeking the best career path inquire via many sources, therefore quick contact is critical. As soon as it is received, Verity has the ability to capture the inquiry, route it to the appropriate team, and immediately trigger a real-time task and notification to ensure contact within seconds.

Communicate with ease - Reach out and receive responses

Along the way, staff have the ability to engage in consistent communication with the prospective student via all contact paths, such as making outbound calls, receiving inbound calls or listening to voicemail, sending and receiving text messages, as well as initiating email communication.

Follow the process - Remain efficient and effective

With its simple and intuitive user interface, Verity enables staff to interact with the system in an efficient and effective manner. Task workflow automation is dictated by internal sales strategies following rules for automated timed responses, prioritization, and campaign assignment.

Retain prospective student – Set appointments and follow-up

Setting an appointment is an important milestone in a student’s lifecycle. With its built-in calendar, Verity allows teams to view, schedule, and manage appointments. Consistent and timely follow-up is assured with automated confirmations and reminders.

Convert prospective student – Conduct the consultation

When the prospective student shows for their appointment, the activity is recorded in Verity to document the outcome of this important event. Automated status changes and performance counters are triggered in real-time to reflect conversion statuses and appointment show rates.

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Manage inquiries and connect with prospective students at the right time via different contact paths.

Being one platform for records management, communication, and sales automation, Verity works hard on behalf of the end user to avoid missed opportunities, reduce manual effort, as well as eliminate inconsistency and redundancy in daily tasks.

Inquiry Management

Powerful features enable teams to track and measure each inquiry at every milestone in the lifecycle. Built-in calendars, central notes and contact hubs, as well as detailed system activity logs, give deep insight into inquiry activity, while built-in scorecards and dashboards reveal performance at a glance.

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Multi-channel communication is at the heart of Verity. On-demand and scheduled phone, text, and email campaigns allow teams to target the right audience on the fly. Outbound and inbound calls, conferencing, call recording, call transfers, and voicemail are all built-in to facilitate optimal contact and follow-up.

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